The Best Way to Crack Windows 10

Windows 10 by Microsoft has gained popularity among people as a great operating system. It is the latest one from Microsoft with better security features than its earlier version, that is, Windows 8.1. Windows 10 protects you from a lot of unnecessary, harmful elements, like hackers who can get access to your account. So installing Windows 10 will be beneficial to you on many levels, especially when you want extra security.

Hacking and hackers have both grown in number and proportion since the past few years. They can handle your computer or your account without you being aware of it. This will give them access to your information and personal data which can be used against you. Not only this, but they might also get access to your financial details as well and cause you immense harm. In order to crack Windows 10, you can use numerous hack tools that can be found online. These tools help hackers to crack Windows 10 password without the owner coming to know of it.

Can Windows 10 password be cracked?

Even though it might look difficult, it is possible to crack Windows 10 password. The tool to recover the password for Windows 10 will be helpful in this matter. The Windows 10 password recovery tool is software from Windows that can be used to change the password of the user and the Windows administrator settings. This tool is available on the official website of Windows and can be downloaded at a fair price.

Windows 10 password can be cracked by installing this tool on your PC. After this, you will need to make a CD that can be booted or a Universal Serial Bus drive. This will allow you to change the password for Windows 10.

Ways to crack Windows 10 and password for a Microsoft account

A lot of companies offer many tools to crack Windows 10, but it is important that we use the best one. We will help you with choosing the best one. The best tool to be used is the Windows password recovery tool.

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Method 1: How to crack Windows 10 with Windows recovery tool

In a few simple steps, we will tell you how to crack the password for Windows 10 with Windows recovery tool:

The first step is to go to the main website of the Windows 10 password recovery tool and download the tool.

Once you see that the tool has been downloaded, you have to install it and then open the tool on your PC.

Keep a flash drive that is blank at your disposal. This has to be plugged into your personal computer. You have to tap on the Universal Serial Bus Drive and then tap on a green button with the name “Burn”.

When the drive is fully burned, the flash drive needs to be disconnected and further connected to the PC that is locked. After this process, the locked PC needs to be rebooted. Then you need to visit bios and then choose the Universal Serial Bus flash drive to start the booting process.

When this entire process is completed, you will be able to view the Windows password recovery tool User Interface. After this, you just have to follow all the instructions that will help you to crack Windows 10.

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Method 2: How to crack Windows 10 with Password Reset Disk

We will now tell you how to hack the password for Windows 10 with password reset disk, in just a couple of simple steps:

The first step is to switch on the power of your personal computer and put in anything of your choice in the space given for a password.

When you type wrong passwords several times, then you can see the option “Reset password”. Click on that option.

Then the password reset disk has to be inserted. After this step, tap on the prompt option.

You will see the password reset wizard dialog box on your screen. Carefully follow all the instructions and then select the option of “next” to change your password for Windows. And you will have completed the process, and you can now crack Windows 10.

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Method 3: how to hack the password for Windows 10 with command prompt

Windows offers an application which is called a command prompt. This application can be utilized in solving any problems related to the system. The command prompt is very different from Windows. It is entirely a Character User Interface and needs you to enter a password to make the computer follow any commands. Given below are some easy steps by which, you can crack Windows 10 password with the help of command prompt:

The first step is to tap on the button which says start. Then you have to look for a command prompt.
When you see the command prompt application, you have to right-click on it. Then you have to choose the option “Run as administrator”.

You will then see your screen turn black after which, the words “net user Username New Password” have to be typed on the screen. And then you have to tap the button that says “Enter’.



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