Video Recovery for Android – Recover Deleted Videos Easily

A video is one such type of important data that we don’t want to lose, ever. Different videos hold different meanings and values for each person. One video might remind you of the fun times you had with your buddies, while the other video can be the last memory that you have of someone you loved.
The best way to make sure that you don’t lose any kind of important data is by backing it up on a computer or a hard disc. But, even back-ups aren’t a fool-proof plan as both of these devices are electronically operated and can crash at any given point in time. If you do end up losing data like a video, then there are apps that could help you with video recovery for Android devices.

Part 1: The Best Video Recovery for Android – UltData Android Data Recovery

Sometimes you end up unintentionally losing important data like videos off of your phone. Someone else could have deleted it by mistake, or it could have been done by you. If you really need those videos back, then there is no reason to worry as UltData – Android will help you with just that. It is an app for video recovery for Android-based devices. Some of the important features of this WhatsApp Recovery on Android have been mentioned below.

Tenorshare UltData Android Recover Features

  • It allows previewing all the data so that you can choose and recover the exact data that you want. This helps to save space and doesn’t clutter your phone or tablet.
  • In order to recover the data, it directly scans your Android-based device.
  • It can recover many other types of data along with videos like messages, contacts, WhatsApp, audio, photos and other types of document.
  • Be compatible with over 6,000 different Android devices.
  • It has well over 35 million downloads.

Get Tenorshare UltData (Android)

Tenorshare UltData (Android) is very easy to use when you compare it with other apps with similar functions. It has a great user interface that can be operated by beginners as well as expert users. It has an over 97% of recovery rate which is very good for a video recovery for an Android app.

Following are the steps with which you could start using this Android contacts recovery, Android SD card data recovery app.

Step 1. Download UltData for Android on your computer and open the application once it has downloaded.

Download UltData (Android)

UltData Android Data Recovery for Video

Step 2. Select the option which says “Recover All Data” option on primary windows. Connect your Android-based device to the computer through a USB cable. Make sure that the connection is stable and strong. Select Video from all other types of files that are available and supported.

Step 3. The application will now scan your phone. Make sure that the device is kept on a platform that isn’t moving, so the connection doesn’t break. This will help fasten the process of video recovery for Android devices.

Step 4. Once the scan is over, and the files appear on the screen, select the file that says “videos.” After you are done choosing the videos that you want to recover, click on the box below it.

UltData Video Recovery for Android

By following these steps correctly, you will now have gained access to the videos that were previously deleted off of your phone with the help of this professional Android photo recovery.

Try Tenorshare UltData (Android)

Part 2: Top 5 Video Recovery for Android Apps

These are five apps that are Android-based which act as video recovery for Android devices like tablets and phones alike. They can recover other types of data as well which can be very helpful to those who have lost all the information that was on their phone and need it back. All of these apps have been chosen after extensive research, and they claim to do the job well.

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App 1: Dumpster – Image and video recovery for Android devices

Dumpster is one app that is for users who have lost data like video or photos. Dumpster claims that it can retrieve the videos and pictures without needing internet access or even root connection. This app is also compatible with different formats like MP3, MP4, images, videos and many others. Another amazing feature of this app is that it fully supports backing up data to Google Drive, and DropBox among other similar software that has cloud storage.

Dumpster Video Recovery for Android


  • With one simple click, Dumpster can backup important data for you.
  • This app’s main feature is to retrieve deleted files.
  • The feature that sets it apart from all others is that it doesn’t need internet connectivity.
  • It claims that it can retrieve the data for you without root access.


  • The app has posed some problems for new users.
  • Although it claims that it can retrieve any type of data, it has had difficulty in backing up that claim sometimes.

App 2: Root users undeleted apps

This app is capable of video recovery for Android-based devices. It also claims to be capable of retrieving other types of data that a person has on their mobile or tablets like messages, photos, videos and many other types of information. It can recover files from not only external partitions of the phone but also the internal partitions as well.

Undeleter Video Recovery for Android

Once you recover the files, you can proceed to upload them to any cloud-based storage, so you don’t lose it again. Just be known for the fact that the device will need authentication before it can start the process.


  • Once you have recovered the data, you can directly upload them to your preferred cloud-based storage plan.
  • It can also do video recovery for Android devices from the SD card.
  • The file can be of any volume.


  • It is not capable of retrieving other types of data like contacts or messages.
  • The recovery that this app does is temporary and not permanent.

App 3: Hexamob Recovery App

This app is only functional on rooted devices. It is capable of recovering various types of deleted files like MP3, images, PDF, videos among many others. The success of your data being retrieved depends heavily on the nature of the data. It means that data that has already been deleted or overwritten will not be retrieved. This video recovery for Android is not compatible with devices running iOS or any other software.

Hexamob Recovery App


  • It is very easy to use.
  • The interface is very user-friendly for all types of users.


  • It cannot retrieve all types of deleted videos.
  • The whole process can prove to be complicated for some users.

App 4: Android Data Recycle Bin

This app can help to retrieve data that was stored in internal memory as well as external. It claims to be able to recover not only audio but also video and photos. This app is compatible with Android-based devices running Android 2.3 or other versions released after that. In order to recover the files, you don’t need internet access which is a major plus point.

Android Data Recycle Bin


  • Internet connection is not needed.
  • This app is very easy to use.


  • The interface seems to be complex initially.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be able to retrieve all the files that you lost.

App 5: Disk Digger Undelete app for video recovery for Android devices

Disk digger is another app that can be used to retrieve videos and photos mainly. It can also recover from internal memory as well as SD card. There is no need for you to root your device which is a great feature. Another noticeable feature of disc digger is that once you have recovered the data that you needed, you could directly upload them to cloud-based storage like Google Drive, DropBox or you could even mail it to someone else or yourself, so there is a backup.

Disk digger Video Recovery for Android


  • It can recover data from internal memory of a phone or tablet.
  • It can also recover data from the SD card which is mostly where people store multimedia files.
  • Offer you many different ways in which you could save the files that you recovered.


  • It is not compatible with all types of files.
  • It may not be able to recover some files of large size.

By using any of the apps as mentioned above, video recovery for Android is possible. Many of these apps are capable of retrieving other types of important data as well, but not all can do that. Some of the apps claim that data can be retrieved not only from the device’s internal memory but also from the SD card. UltData – Android is the best choice among all the apps that we have mentioned. It is reasonably priced and comes with a great user-interface.



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